Stirrups for the Samurai

Kaga  Zôgan Abumi: "Stirrups for the Samurai"
加賀象嵌鐙: 武士のための鐙

Mr. Teruo Orikasa, a long term member of the Nihon Katchû Bugu Kenkyû Hozon Kai, got fascinated with Kaga zôgan abumi (Stirrups with inlay from the Kaga region) more then 20 years ago when he bought his first pair of abumi at an antique fair in Tôkyô. Since then, this passion led him in another research driven quest, resulting in a top Kaga zôgan abumi collection.

This new work contains 20 signed abumi from this collection, with many detailed pictures and a description by Mr. Orikasa. Also genealogies of the various families of smiths are included.
The book is about 80 pages, in English and Japanese, and is oversized.